Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

The Foundation Founding:

About the Foundation

The Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development was established in November 2015 by a qualified Lebanese Team in coordination with Dr. Mario Sorbello (Italian). It is dedicated to promoting increased Economic, Social, and Cultural links between European Union and Countries around Mediterranean Area. The Foundation is allocated in Beirut – Lebanon and has a representative office in Brussels – Europe. The Foundation is committed to developing an important plan of relations with European Union and South Area of Mediterranean; specifically with:

  • European Commission (Executive of the European Union)
  • European Parliament (Forum for political debate and decision-making at the European Union level)
  • Union for Mediterranean (Intergovernmental institution to promote dialogues and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region)
  • Public and private institutions (companies, corporations, financial institutions, universities in scientific and economic subjects, etc.) located in Countries of South Mediterranean, area of our activities.

Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

  • Mission

    It is identified in the sustainability of projects in Economic, Social, and Cultural sectors, in synergy with public and private institutions interested in supporting the development of Countries of South Mediterranean, important geographical areas that need to be supported in their development processes.


    It aims to create new welfare socio-economic and cultural opportunities, multi-regional integration in the South Area of Mediterranean. It also supports the process of development and integration of the entire Mediterranean Basin and accompanies a new phase of relations with the European Union.

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic Directives



    SD # 1

    Implement Economic Programs

    Goal # 1

    Develop Economy / Economic Growth

    · Creating Benchmarking Tools on Best Practices.

    · Enhancing quality products.

    · Conducting business solutions (consulting)

    · Conducting market analysis. (SWOT)

    · Powering network Trade solutions (Imports / Exports, Lobbying and networking, etc.).

    Goal # 2

    Prepare for an Education and Skills

    · Supporting focused projects that promote collaboration and partnership between local and multinational businesses.

    · Collaborating within different industry sectors improving in on each industry’s talent outlook, etc.

    Goal # 3

    Take Long-Term Investing, Infrastructure and Development

    · Supporting the implementation of key infrastructure projects at the country and regional level, working in close collaboration with policy-makers, private sector infrastructure companies, investors, financiers and multilateral agencies.

    Goal # 4

    Contribute to Global Financial System


    · Being engaged in a number of global and regional issues that directly and indirectly affect global financial stability and global prosperity.

    · Supporting high quality research that benefits policy makers.

    · Creating business events as a way of raising public awareness about emerging opportunities which contribute to an increase in global financial stability and prosperity.

    Goal # 5

    Feed Food Security and Agriculture

    · Serving as a global platform to build collaboration among stakeholders to achieve a vision of agriculture as a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

    · Working to increase investment and partnership in Countries of South Mediterranean agriculture.

    Goal # 6

    Construct Systems for Water and Environment

    · Promoting access to water resources and water management.

    SD # 2

    Implement Social Programs

    Goal # 1

    Improve Communication and Coherence


    · Cooperation for development, humanitarian, social and environmental aid:

    o Organizing National meetings, conferences and workshops.

    o Training sessions on different Languages.

    o Organizing social events.

    · Other Social activities, but not limited to:

    o Meetings & experience exchange between different societies.

    o Participating in Marathon.

    o Sport activities.

    o Etc.

    Goal # 2

    Promote International Conferences

    · Conduct international meetings

    SD # 3

    Implement Cultural Programs

    Goal # 1

    Promote Framework Partnership with public local institutions and profit & non-profit associations

    · Supporting translation and publication projects from one country language into another country language.

    · Promoting within the Festivals the circulation of cultural works.

    · Promoting intercultural dialogue encouraging exchanges of experience through the Countries of South Mediterranean professionals in the cultural field.

    · Forming cooperation between public authorities and the private sector which aim at ensuring the funding, construction, renovation, management and maintenance of infrastructure associated with the provision of a service.

    Goal # 2

    Promote Culture and Education

    · Supporting the following, but not limited to:

    o Libraries.

    o Research centers.

    o Universities and schools of specialization.

    o Professional associations.

    · Incubating innovations / encouraging artistic interventions, and providing the public and companies with new ideas and approaches to creation.

    · Publication of studies and research projects.

    · Increasing knowledge.

    · Conducting training sessions / activities.

    · Promoting cultural skills.

    · Increasing talents’ creativity.

    · Etc.

    Goal # 3

    Protect and Promote Heritage

    · Promoting:

    o Arts.

    o Theatres.

    o Museums.

    · Collaborating between public and private cultural institutes.

    Goal # 4

    Promote Culture through Agricultural and Rural & Urban Development

    · Supporting for the development of community gardens.

    · Supporting for the creation of rural & urban agriculture (cultivating, processing, and distributing food), urban farming (flowers on Mother’s day, etc.)

    · Organizing a cultural event to promote agriculture.

    Goal # 5

    Improve Fisheries

    · Identifying gaps in their region where new Fishery Improvement projects (FIPs) need to be initiated.

    ·Encouraging the formation and efficient operation of FIPs.

    Goal # 6

    Promote Local & Regional Development

    · Supporting for the creation, renovation and promotion of cultural infrastructures.

    · Revitalizing city quarters and image: changing it into a place of destination (tourism), of art and culture (artists), of creativity and innovation (companies and creative professionals).

    · Promoting or contributing to a greener society.

    · Supporting for the renewal of Abandoned Industrial Sites.

    Goal # 7

    Promote Transport and Tourism

    · Making urban mobility more sustainable, safe and secure by improving accessibility, speed management, saving energy and protecting the climate. 

    Goal # 8

    Create Energy Projects for New System of Product of Energy for New Supplying

    · Creating green, solar, and water energy.

    Goal # 9

    Support the Role of Culture in Modernization of Private Services

    · Strengthening the legal and regulatory frameworks in telecommunications, and electricity.  

    Prepared by Members of the Foundation

    From: September 2016 - September 2019

    All rights reserved - © copyright 2015 - 2018

Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

  • Activities & Events

    Presentantion of: Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

    DECEMBER 2015

    Monte Cassino Hotel - Lebanon

  • Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD) for "Thanksgiving Day"

    DECEMBER 2015

    Dinner Merry Christmas, 2015 for "Our Lady of Rosary Home" - Achkout Kesrouan, Lebanon

  • Irene Veneziano for Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

    APRIL 2016

    The new spot video, "Welcome to Lebanon", by Irene Veneziano - at 'Beirut Marina Solidere' broadcast on ' TV RAI INTERNATIONAL'

  • Irene Veneziano for Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

    APRIL 2016

    FOLIAS DE ESPANA International tour, 2016
    1st Concert in Middle East - PIANO RECITAL -

  • Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD) for "Women for the Mediterranean"

    OCTOBER 2016

    "Driving force for development and stability" - Barcelona (Spain)

  • EUROMED for Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

    MARCH 2017

    EUROMED Invest Academy in Morocco - Fostering Women Leaders - 06 & 07 March 2017 Hotel Savoy, Marrakech (Morocco)

  • Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD) for "BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2017"

    NOVEMBER 2017

    Beirut (Lebanon)

  • Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD) for "EUROMED Invest final conference"

    NOVEMBER 2017

    "Four years boosting Business in Euro-Mediterranean Region" - Bruxelles (Belgium)

  • Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBBEFD) for "4th Annual Conference Woman SMEs ... World Possibilities"

    FEBRUARY 2018

    Egypt - Cairo/Luxor


Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

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Mediterranean Basin and Europe Foundation for Development (MBEFD)

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